makes a big splash in the Pet Industry with their customer service

Posted on 08 September 2014 launches the first consumer oriented Pet Specialty E-commerce site of it's kind carrying a diverse selection of unique Pet Fashion and Accessories that span through a broad scope of various essential pet products and begins it's planned competition with major competitors within online Pet Industry, such as, competitors in the likes of an Amazon. Surfacing on land untouched. runs, operates and manages it's online shop within it's own privately held Distribution Center based out of Edison, NJ with it's full in-house sales staff -- which translates to quicker customer support responses and same day shipments on all orders before 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. In addition to our unmatched service, we offer a Free Standard Shipping option on every order to anywhere within the United States. If you're pondering, how do we stay in business? - Well, we feed off our low profitability and in-return receive the many orders by our customers with best prices on the internet for Fashion Pet Supplies and therefore it's quantity and quality we offer and that's all we care about. And if that got your attention, we're not done yet! - In addition to our Free Standardized Shipping we also offer interchangeable Coupon Codes on the actual Home Page banner of our site which every shopper can view and therefore we encourage visitors to keep visiting our site to find out about the next best coupon code deal. wants everyone to know about our coupon codes regardless of who the shopper is. Furthremore, we offer a Free Exchange policy on our site. No problem, you don't like it? Exchange it for Free and who said anything about counting the amount of days since your last Purchase? Regardless of how long your purchase has been made, we'll receive your exchange and send you a new product for equal or same purchase price.

While other sites might fray away from customer reviews - WE DON'T. We've implemented a customer review section for every product on our site. We want everyone to know how your purchase and experience went and we encourage the shopper to engage with us about their shopping experience. We want you to share your experience to the world. And if you have an issue with an order, tell us - our customer support team is very friendly and we want you to come back and therefore we're not all about keeping you happy today. We want you back and we'll do what we can to have you back. We also offer Live Chat Support on our online shop so you can let us know what your shopping for or simply let us know about any of your order issues and we'll resolve that on the spot without creating a support ticket and waiting for someone to get back to you.

One of the Co-Founders at has noted "With a full knowledgeable sales staff we tend to reach out to our customers with a more knowledgeable base of technicians than all our competitors within the Online Pet Industry, which enables us to engage in different ways" he further adds "There's no such thing as a support ticket, we are going to give you the response you've been asking for and we strive on controlling the online Pet Fashion industry, since our buying division has a way stronger eye for the Pet Fashion and accessories we carry and that's not something you put a price on" further adding "Where others may tend to focus on selling a product and put a price on that product, we tend to put a price on the selective items we sell that pertain to our niche and we do it well". 

Whether you're shopping for Fashion Dog Coats or Pet Sweaters and even Shoes for Dogs, we're that source and we plan on doing what we can in our power to ensure your happy with your purchase. We welcome all shoppers to check us out and like our pages as we'll extend sporadic offers to those loyal shoppers who follow us.

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  • Michelle F: September 09, 2014

    I love the free shipping option on every order!

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