Must-Have Dog Products and Accessories for Your New Puppy!

Posted on 23 January 2015

Aside from cuddling, snuggling and playing, there are some practical ways to show affection towards your new pet. Go ahead and shower your puppy with love, with some fun toys and accessories. Like new parents, equip your home with all the right pet care supplies and essentials for your new canine companion. It’s always a great idea to move beyond the basics and treat them to fun and innovative dog supplies as well.

Whether you’re a dog lover getting a pet for the first time or the proud owner of a happy pup – consider this comprehensive list of must-have pet products.

  1. Bowls

One of the first things that you would purchase for your pet is a set of bowls for food and water. Go a step further and buy colorful bowls in interesting shapes and designs that will catch your pet’s attention and make mealtime fun.

  1. A Collar and Leash

You can’t think dog accessories without a collar and leash. Not only do they help you control your pet when out on a walk, but they also help you train and discipline your mercurial new puppy. Make sure to consider both length and durability of the leash before deciding which to purchase. Opt for stronger materials if your dog belongs to a large breed. It might also be wise to consider a leash with an adjustable length to allow your dog greater freedom.  

Step up your style game by keeping a few fashionable show collars in your collection. These are perfect for special occasions as they add a little something extra to your dog’s appearance.

A custom dog tag is also a great idea. Not only does it look cute, but also should your pet ever wander off, the tag might help you find your pet as it mentions his/her name and your contact details.

  1. Toys

Be sure to pick up some interactive toys like dog bones, balls, stuffed animals and rubber dumbbells for your pet. These toys will provide them with hours of fun, amusement, and more importantly, some much needed exercise.

  1. Grooming Supplies

Create a kit of basic grooming supplies for your dog that includes soap, shampoo, flea and tick powder, nail cutters, a coat brush and other hygiene products. An exclusive, personalized towel to dry your wet pup after a bath will also come in handy and adds a little something special to the grooming and bathing ritual.

  1. A Mat

Choose from a wide range of shapes, sizes, styles and materials to find the perfect bed for your dog. Not only does this ensure your dog’s comfort, but it also provides a dedicated spot in your home that is solely theirs alone.

  1. A Travel Carrier

Invest in a carrier if you intend to travel with your pet. Be extra cautious when considering carrier options as only airline-approved carriers are allowed across all modes of transportation. Do your homework and read up on the stringent carrier specifications that apply to your situation and location. You’ll see your efforts pay off when you take a vacation and savor some wonderful experiences with them.  

Most essential accessories and supplies for your furry friend are easily available online. Whether you’re preparing for a new pet or just in the mood to pamper your pup, keep this basic list in mind when shopping for a dog. With so many types of dog products available, you will face a problem of plenty as you shower your pet with unconditional love.

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