Fashionable Dogs with Serious Bootie Game!

Posted on 26 February 2015

This cute little Chihuahua shows us that when it comes down to it – Size doesn’t matter. Nope! Not one bit!

 “I may be small, I may be sweet, but don’t these yellow booties look great on my feet?”



This dog is the king of swag with an attitude to match those darling red boots!

“My boots are totally better than yours!”


This yorkie is out to prove that red, yellow and green can indeed be a winning combination.

“Go on… disagree! I dare you! I double dare you!”



With dog booties and a bow tie — this Pomeranian decided to give the neighborhood hipsters a run for their money!

“Ugly duckling who???”


Forget orange, this little girl is determined to prove that pink is indeed the new black!

 “I’m girly and I know it!”


This labradoodle is all about the basics!

“Let the humans pile their coats on… the cold never bothered me anyway!”


Penny the Pomeranian loves her statement dog accessories. With yellow boots like these who needs anything else?

“Are we going shopping???”



The paw-dorable dog lives the maxim – when in doubt wear black!

“Do these boots make my paws look slim?”


The perfect updo, a chic red coat, snazzy red dog booties with a matching collar to complete the outfit – humans could definitely learn a thing or two from this high fashion yorkie!

“I’m smiling on the inside you see.”


This little power dresser decided to color block his way through a dreary winter day!

“Everyone knows my side profile photographs better!”


This cutie daschund believes that matching accessories with clothes is such a human thing to do!

“I have just one word for you… Harajuku”


Who wouldn’t want to pair their snazzy snow boots with an elf costume?

“You mean to tell me today isn’t Halloween?”


This vision in pink and teal knows how to strut her stuff like a pro.

“It’s all about the chase darling!”


Casual Fridays were invented for this (p) awesome dog!  

“Waddup Dawg?”


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