Dogs on St Patrick’s Day

Posted on 18 March 2015

While you were out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, these dogs were busy looking too cute for words!

Each one of them embraced their inner Irish-man and they looked simply fabulous in their fashionable dog clothes. We could certainly learn a thing or two from their sartorial choices, that’s for sure!

Here are 10 awesome sauce dogs going the whole hog for St. Patrick’s Day.

He looks like he just woke up after a long night of partying. Probably more than just a wee bit Irish eh?


This adorable Leprechaun Spitz looks like a handsome prince in disguise and we love that jaunty little hat!


 This dog is all kitted out in green with an attitude to match! Did someone say Grrrrrrreeeen?!


With his hands on his hips, this handsome lepre-dog is a marvel to look at!


This amazing trio is literally too cool for school! Ditching the dog clothes, these dudes are all about accessorising in style!


Sam and Finley have seriously killer green game.They look like they probably indulged themselves a wee bit too much and were the life of the party!


The only things that are French about this Bulldog are its breed and style! True to his high fashion roots, this charming canine knows the value of a statement piece!


These lucky clovers look perfect on Pepper the Bull Terrier. His saccharine expression makes us want to melt into a puddle! Awwwwww...


According to this little puppy, if you wanna go Irish, you might as well do in style.


Yes! Yes we will! And it’s not because you’re Irish!


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