Keep your dog busy and happy while you are away

Posted on 26 March 2015

Have you ever wondered what you dog gets up to when you are not at home with him/her? Chances are your dog doesn’t have too many ways to amuse itself and he/she ends up spending most of their time just waiting for you to return. If you leave a dog alone on its own for long periods with nothing to do, they are bound to get bored and irritated and that is something every pet owner should avoid.

So, for your pet’s physical and mental benefit, take a little bit of time out before you leave your home to ensure that you leave your beloved pet with a few things to keep him/her occupied. Here are a few tried and tested pet products and tricks to keep your dog happy and entertained while you are away.

  • Fun with Toys

These days, dog toys aren’t just typical dog bones and chew toys. There are a whole host of toys that are designed to capture your pet’s attention and keep them engrossed for hours. There are also pet supplies such as electronic toys that wiggle around and entertain them, puzzle toys that challenge your dog to solve them for a treat hidden inside, tennis and soccer sets for fun and so many other innovative toys that your dog can play with by itself.

  • Turn on the Television

Some dogs love watching television soswitch the TV on to the channel of their choice. You will be surprised to see how easily the television helps them while away their time. There are also certain television channels that provide entertainment exclusively for dogs, so go ahead and try them!

  • Run in the Garden

If you have an enclosed and fenced gardenthen install a pet flap so that your pet can enter and exit the home as it pleases. This gives them the opportunity to get some fresh air as well as get some physical exercise by running around. However, do make sure that your yard is completely fenced in and that there are no gaps in the fence where your pet can get stuck or have the opportunity to wander off.

  • Large Chew Treats

Choose dog supplies such as large chew treats that will keep your dog occupied for hours. You could also consider using a KONG or any other similar toy that you can fill with food and treats every day to keep your dog busy and full. Large chewy treats like a rawhide bone will keep him/her busy longer, giving you enough time out of the house without worrying about being greeted by a mess when you return home.

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