Pick The Perfect Name For Your New Pup

Posted on 22 June 2015

When you welcome a pet home, one of the first things people do is choose a name for their pet. Sometimes the names are perfect however, sometimes pets grow up with personalities that are contrary to their names. For example, a dog named Hunter might grow up to be a chubby, lazy and happy dog, or a dog name Bozo might grow to be an alert guard dog. Choosing the right name for your dog is extremely important as it will shape you dog’s identity in the years to come.


  1. Look for inspiration

Most dogs are named after people, fictional characters or things such as food. Look around you for inspiration. Consider naming your pet after a character you love, a favorite author or something that makes you happy. When you associate your pet with something happy, it helps cement the bond between the two of you.

  1. Choose a name with two syllables

A shorter name is easier for your dog to understand. Because most dog commands have just one syllable such as sit, stand, heel etc. a name with two syllable will make it easier for your dog to differentiate between the sounds.

  1. Consider a name that matches his personality

Avoid naming your dog as soon as you bring him/her home. Wait a few days to gauge his personality. See if he/she has any unique traits. It is easier to name your pet once you have spent some time with him/her and gotten a feel of who he/she really is.

  1. Keep it short, simple, unique

When it comes to names for dogs, brevity is the need of the hour. Choose a name that is short and simple, and if you have kids at home, make sure it is one that is easy to pronounce. You will be calling out to your dog many times in a day, so make sure you pick a name that can be said quickly and does not take too much effort. If you really do want a long name for your dog such as Alexander the Great, consider using a shorter name such as Alex for everyday use and commands.

  1. Try it on for size

One of the most effective ways to zero in on a name is to let your dog choose one on its own. When you first bring your dog home, try calling it by a few different names and see how he/she responds to them. Sometimes, a dog will respond to one name more than another which indicates that it might be a better name for it. When you choose a name that a dog instinctively responds to, it smoothens the early days, when pups are harder to control.

Don’t forget to have fun when choosing a name for your dog. Make the naming process a family affair that everyone enjoys. You can even have a dog naming ceremony and present your new pup with custom dog accessories like a collar with his/her name on it. A dog’s name is for life so think carefully before you zero in on one!

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