Trend Alert! Taiwanese Pets With Round And Square Faces

Posted on 03 July 2015

The latest dog grooming trend doing the rounds (quite literally) this summer is really quite strange. Seemingly originated in Taiwan, this innovative trend is all about trimming a pet’s fur so that its face is either completely round or square. This results in a look that is unique and interesting.

According to RocketNews24 who originally featured the story, pet owners choose to groom their dog in this way so that they look much better on social media sites. While some people are amused at this unique trend others aren’t nearly quite so taken with it. This trend does however, highlight the lengths to which some pet owners are willing to go to so their pet’s appearance is always in vogue.

Little boxes, Little boxes … I can’t help but hum this song when I look at this adorable face!

Can you resist this square face and pointy nose? I could look at this charming face all day!

This little puppy looks like he just popped out of my toaster!

This before and after deserves a mention on Extreme Makeover! This little fur ball is well… literally a fur ball!!!

That round face and those wise eyes, this doggie seems to be full of deep thoughts!

Doesn’t he look adorable with that unique dog accessory around his neck?

Who ever said black makes you look slimmer, probably hadn’t met this dog.

These two fur balls don’t seem to mind the pet groomer’s administrations. If only I looked half as cute when getting a hair cut. 

Because of the extreme shaping that this results in, this style of grooming is only effective with a few breeds of dogs, specifically those with a long coat. Also some dogs can be sensitive to haircuts or need their coats groomed a certain way, so make sure you consult your vet or a certified groomer before you decide to give it a try. A last word of caution would be to ensure that your dog’s whiskers are not cut or clipped during the process.

What do you think of this edgy trend? Would you consider something like this for your pet or is this too much? Let us know in the comments below… we would love to know what you think!  

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