Things To Consider Before You Bring Home A Second Dog

Posted on 31 July 2015

The addition of a second dog to your growing family might be a welcome distraction for your present dog. If your present dog stays alone at home for a considerable period of time, another pet at home might be a welcome relief from the boredom. A fellow companion for the long empty days. Bringing home a second dog will also brighten up your home with the enhanced playfulness of both your pets. However, there are certain issues you need to address before you make up your mind.

  1. Is your present dog friendly?

First of all, you need to review the way you have groomed your first dog. You need to assess how friendly it is with other dogs in your neighborhood. You must have noticed its behavior on meeting other dogs at the park. At this juncture, you just need to understand if your dog is ready to have another dog as a full-time companion by judging its social behavior. If you are apprehensive regarding your dog’s friendliness, you might want to review your decision to bring home another dog.

  1. Does the new dog you want share compatibility with your old dog?

The type of breed, age, size and gender of the dog which you would choose to be your second pet will play important roles in deciding your success as an owner of more than one dog. A particular breed of dog is not compatible with all other breeds of dogs. You require expert consultancy to judge breed compatibility. However, it is advisable to bring home a second dog of the same breed as the previous one. Moreover, having two dogs of opposite sexes is much better than having same-sex dogs, as it eliminates the risk of territorial rivalry tension.

  1. Do you have time to take care of two dogs

Two dogs are twice the love but take twice the time as well. This means more time from your daily schedule for grooming, feeding and other dog related chores.

This is also implies a lot more time in the initial few days helping both dogs adjust to each other.  Their first encounter should be unfolded gradually and care should be taken to prevent any kind of conflict between the two. You must ensure that neither of the two feel any hint of discrimination from your side. The introduction session must be choreographed with adequate rewards every time they express signs of bonding. This demands ample time and dedication from you.

  1. Can you afford twice the dog supplies?
You must remember that getting a second dog also implies the doubling of your expenses on food, other dog supplies and healthcare. You would also need double the space for organizing dog kennels, dog beds and dog carriers for both your pets. You need to be well and truly ready to manage the responsibility both in the long and short term.

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