10 things that dogs will happily do for you!

Posted on 26 August 2015

August 26 is National Dog Day! As always dogs will do more for us than we humans can for them. So barring catching a grenade, here’s 10 things that your dog will happily do for you.

Keep a tab on the carb count by finishing the slice of pizza for you.

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No dog in the world would want you to look silly with ice cream drooling down your chin. Ten hut for licking drills.

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The pet bed is not comfy enough for the both of you and your pet will happily snooze away on yours.

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He’ll not bother you during your Pilates session and scratch himself. Duh! Because that is what you bought the couch for.

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Chase away everything that will make you look bloated.

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It will always help you clean the mess it makes. Better than picking up the boyfriend’s dirty clothes.

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Get drunk all you want as your pooch will safely drive you home and tuck you in.

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Squeeze in all the romantic dates you like as you have the most loyal babysitter in town.

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Say goodbye to cheating and hello to the purrrfect board game partner.

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You don’t need bae for impromptu hug sessions. PDA is totally awesome.

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