5 Tips to keep in mind before taking your dog camping

Posted on 02 September 2015

Are you an adventure buff? Would you rather spend most of your weekends climbing a mountain, river rafting or zip lining? The best part about being a pet parent is you can continue to be an adventure buff. In fact it’s a great feeling to share your adventures and experiences with your four legged, furry friend and upload adorable selfies. But before you pack your things and get going, it’s important to keep your dog’s safety in mind to ensure your pooch’s first camping trip is safe and memorable.

Start Small

It’s a good idea to start with smaller outing, maybe as minor as a car ride or a walk to the dog park. Just as we need to build our stamina and improve our fitness levels to hike up a mountain, training your dog for camping is a gradual process.


It’s good to have some amount of training before taking off on your camping trip. Just like with every other relationship, communication is the key. Ensure that he responds to his name at your every call, so that, when the time comes, you can keep him away from danger with a simple shout out. Other basic instructions such as sit, drop it and come here, would also prove to be useful.

Medical Attention

It’s best to evaluate your pet’s health before the hike, in order to ensure that he is fit enough to endure it. Carry a first aid kit at all times. It is best to consult the veterinarian who will provide you with all the required medications and advice for the trip.

Things to buy

There are a few products that will make your life much easier while camping, such as a sturdy leash. Try to keep him on a leash more often than not, especially when scaling tricky terrain. When the area isn’t particularly difficult to navigate around, it’s alright to let him free and run with the wind. When the ground is too rocky or uneven, it might hurt his feet, so the best bet is to buy a pair of dog shoes, which will keep his paws clean and safe.


Even your pet shivers when it’s cold and feels like taking a swim when it’s too hot. So, if you plan your trip around summer, look for a campsite close to a water body, so that he can cool off as and when he feels hot. If the trip is during the chilly winter, dress him in a snug jacket to protect him from the cold night.

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