The New Pup on the Block — Peach meets her new family

Posted on 07 September 2015

The joy and anticipation of meeting your puppy culminates in a once in a lifetime experience that even the most seasoned pet parent would be hard pressed to forget. Here is the third video from our curated series that captures those first tentative moments between pet and human. Each heart-warming video is full of love and emotion and is testament to the fact that dog truly is man’s best friend. Stay tuned to this space for more stories and videos.

Julien and Jenna are happy pet parents to Kermit and Marbles are are excited to welcome their new pet into their home. Little Peach has travelled all the way from Georgia to be a part of this unique and loving family.

When Julien sees Peach for the first time in her airline approved pet carrier, he is absolutely overwhelmed. Jenna, begins to cry with happiness and yes, Peach really is that adorable. The best moments however are when Peach comes home for the first time and meets Marbles and Kermit. While Marbles is in timeout, Kermit and Peach bond instantly and Peach’s initial apprehension turns to excitement. Watching the two dogs play in the yard is a treat indeed.

The bond between Julien and Peach is instant and the little pup soon begins to follow him everywhere he goes. Watching this bond come to life through this video is something no pet lover should miss. We loved every bit of this video and hope you do too!

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  • Jenny: October 11, 2015

    I can totally relate to this video and recall the time when I met my dog for the first time. Right now I’m a proud owner of 3 pets and I absolutely adore them!! They mean the world to me and it’s impossible to express in words how it feels to have them in my life. Congratulations to them for this cute bundle of happiness :)

  • Cailsey: September 25, 2015

    This video reminded me of the time when I was returning back home after almost a year. I just couldn’t wait to meet my dog Ginger and to be with her. I could totally relate to this video! Thanks for sharing…

  • SmithJohnny: September 25, 2015

    This video made me cry tears of joy, so so happy for these guys, Julien and Jenna. I am sure they are going to a have great time with the new member in their family and I’ll be waiting to see more videos and cute pictures of Peach!

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