The New Pup on the Block — Matty Makes it out of the Shelter

Posted on 09 September 2015

Bringing a puppy home is an emotional moment. Adopting a puppy from a shelter and bringing it home is exceptionally so. Not only are you bringing home a little bundle of joy, but you have also saved an innocent life. The fourth video of our curated Youtube series sheds light on this unique pet parent experience. Stay tuned to this space for more stories and videos.

 Justine AKA iJustine, famous New Media personality is a new “puppymommy”. In this short yet adorable video, she not only shares the moment that she meets Matt and brings him home, but also explains why and how she decided to adopt a puppy.

Most reluctant pet owners are worried about managing a dog along with their busy lives. However, with this video Justine shows us that when it comes to “puppylove”, there is no reason good enough to say NO. Had Justine not taken him home, we guarantee you would have seen us at the shelter queuing up to take this little furball home.

Watch the video to see how quickly Justine and Matt take to each other. You can also see the moment that Matt comes home as well as his first real bath with pet supplies  and everything. Full of love and warmth, this video is all about the fact that the best things in life really do come in small packages!

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  • WarrenJose: October 11, 2015

    Indeed it’s an emotional moment…when you finally decide to adopt a puppy it might be tough for some coz you have like a million questions in mind but once you bring them home everything just falls in place, it always does :) More power to these guys!

  • Sandra: October 11, 2015

    Such a lovely video with warm feels! I desperately want to experience the joy of getting home a pet. I always wondered though whether I’ll be a good care taker…anyway, seeing such stories amply builds my confidence.

  • Borris: October 06, 2015

    Congratulations to Justine who just gave a renewed life to this little cuteness. Having a pet is like having a loyal partner for years. So happy for both of them, Justine and Matt.

  • Ross: September 25, 2015

    Recently adopted a st bernard and have been a proud parent ever since. Would just like to stress on ‘don’t shop, adopt!’ Thank you!

  • Jenny: September 25, 2015

    The first few days of bringing home a puppy are filled with excitement! Even the smallest of the things they do are so adorable! The video quickly got me into flashback and made me reminisce about the days when I brought home my pet Whiskey.

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