Dog Reactions Which Perfectly Express Your Feelings On A Monday

Posted on 21 September 2015

Monday is the worst enemy of man! It sneaks in every week to mock the life you enjoyed over the weekend. Here are 15 dogs who know exactly how you feel when you have a bad case of the Monday blues.


“-Monday, Monday, go away
Little Johnny wants to play
-That’s funny, Little Johnny
Do you think I am Friday?”

1. When you wake up to realize that the weekend has deserted you for another loooong week. 


“Please someone tell me the sun has not risen yet!”

2. When it is clear to you that one more snooze will make you late… very late for work.


“Damn! This clock is running abnormally fast!”

3. When you finally acknowledge you have no other option but to leave your bed.


4. When you are all dressed up from outside but still want to roll on your bed from inside.


“No, I am not amused in this uniform. Bring me those fancy dog clothes I was dreaming of.”

5. When you finally set out for work, only to stop at the sight of the subway crowd


“Haven’t they started manufacturing dog shoes which can glide over these humans yet?”

6. When a well-wisher strikes up a conversation with you in the train


“I really appreciate your communication skills, but unfortunately my listening skills are not in the right place!”
7. When you finally reach your office, blaming the last snooze for being late


“I knew it!"

8. When you log on to your computer and find yourself bombarded with Monday morning emails


“Don’t they have anything better to do during the weekend?”

9. And some of them CC’ed to your boss


“Really! I would have completed those tasks anyway.”

10. When your colleague visits your desk and brags about the insanely wonderful weekend he had! That priceless fake smile, meant to make your friend feel good for the nonsense he just spoke.


“I hope you got it right; yes, right, I don’t care!”

11. It’s finally lunch time, and you suddenly remember the cupcakes you had forgotten in the fridge


12. When you take a social media interlude post-lunch only to stop abruptly when you receive a ping from your boss


“Whoa! Is my boss secretly 007?!”

13. When you want to wrap up for the day and are suddenly summoned for a meeting with your boss


“Perfect! How well my boss knows the things I hate the most!”


14. When you succeed to drag yourself out of the office and find yourself in a loooong tiring journey back home


“Oh! I can smell my home. I can smell my warm bed!”

15. When you reach home and are relaxing on the internet only to suddenly stumble over this blog on how dog reactions are summing up your tiring day.


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