Posted on 24 September 2015

6 Videos That Show You What It Is Means To Bring Home A Puppy

If you ask a pet parent what it really feels like to bring a puppy home, most would liken the experience to bringing home a playful child. The experience is never perfect and there are always hiccups and bumps along the way as both dog and human learn to coexist under the same roof. However, what almost every pet parent will tell you is that every “accident”, every ruined slipper and scratched couch is more than worth it. Because along with chaos and the need for a lifetime supply of litter bags, puppies bring a certain magic into the house. They fill a space with love, joy and their own unique brand of crazy.

Over the past week we trawled through Youtube to bring to you a selection of videos that highlight the ups and downs (well mostly ups) of this singular experience. The variety of emotion we found in these videos just goes to show how unique yet emotional an experience this is. So if you missed out on the series, Essential Paw is here with a round-up of all the videos. Yes! That’s right, all that awesomeness in one single super magical post. Can you handle this much cuteness?!!!

  • Cooper Comes Home

    If you are thinking of bringing home a little Golden Retriever then you NEED to watch this video. Trevor AKA TmarTn’s unbridled enthusiasm over bringing Cooper home is infectious and indeed a treat to watch. In anticipation of Coopr, Trevor has brought all the necessary pet supplies and even a few toys! Of course, it is love at first sight between Cooper and Trevor and watching the little guy enter his forever home for the first time is just precious.

    • Leo Meets His Mom

    Sometimes you don’t set out to bring home a puppy or a dog. They manage to find their own way into your heart and home. This is what happens with adorable Leo. His new mom finds him half asleep waiting for her on her bed. A surprise gift, this moment marks the beginning of what we hope is an amazing adventure for both of them.

    • Peach Meets Her New Family

    Peach isn’t Jenna and Julien’s first dog. This interesting couple already live with two rambunctious canines, Kermit and Marbles. So, when little Peach comes home in her new pet carrier, it is vital for the couple that she get along with the two older dogs. This video screams loud and clear—there is no such thing as too many dogs in one home. Watch this video because it is cute, amazing, fun and awesome times.

    •  Matt Makes It Out Of The Shelter


    Bringing a puppy home from a shelter is a slightly different pet parenting experience and one that is exceptionally emotional. Justine AKA iJustine is a new “puppymommy” who has documented her thoughts on bringing Matt home as well as the entire experience. She discusses some of the most pressing concerns pet parents have including managing hectic schedules. But when all is said and done, when it comes to “puppylove”, it is almost impossible to say “NO”.

    • Welcome Home Wrigley


    A lot of pet parents are overly cautious about bringing home a new puppy when then there is a baby in the house. Proving all the naysayers wrong are Sam and Jennika, happy parents to baby Noah and proud pet parents to be. This insightful vlog captures their first day with Wrigley, from the moment they bring him home and through his first night. Do watch this video because there is nothing more amazing than watching a baby and puppy bonding with each other.

    • Time To Meet Thor


    What’s in a name? Plenty if you ask Annalee and Jesse. These second time pet parents have chosen to name their small little puppy Thor! It’s ironic and really cool. Thor also has an older brother, the large and brawny Mookie. According to Annalee and Jesse, the art of naming is all about balance. This is a really simple vlog that captures a lot of the intricacies of bringing home a new pup!

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