Playing Doggy Dress Up

Posted on 01 October 2015

Dressing for comfort or dressing for fashion? The age old question has led to many spirited debates, but what if we told you that it’s possible to get both for your canines!

When most of you look at your dog, you know they have a peculiar persona, they could be nerdy, gothic, athletic, spunky or daddy’s little princess. It’s easy for us humans to express our attitude by way of dressing so why not give this opportunity to our tail wagging friends? Let’s familiarize ourselves with this autumn’s Look Book for pets.


Do you think your dog might look rad in a glow in the dark party? He’s a fashion forward, super cool, party dog. He’s going to be the envy of the neighbourhood watch when you clad him in a neon jumper and some shoes for dogs to match.

Reflecta-Glow Reflective Waterproof Adjustable PVC Pet Dog Raincoat w/ Removable Hood

Elastic Protective Multi-Usage All-Terrain Rubberized Dog Shoes


Retro is the new, black. If you think your dog would charm the tails off her peers with her puffy hair and her charming smile, then it’s time to go retro. Dress her up in a polka dot sweater and some sleek shoes for dogs. This is the chance to trot her stuff to’ Time of my life’, and no one’s going to put her in a corner.

Polka-Dot Couture-Bow Hoodie Pet Dog Hooded Sweater

Premium Plush Fur-Comfort Suede Supportive Dog Shoes


Army Clad:

Do you have a tuff mutt? Not afraid to bark his way into a group and declare himself the Alfa dog? Well then, why not look the part. The camouflage look will help him charge into any adventure, with his stylish paw forward. Dress him up in an army jacket and some sporty sneakers and watch him win.

Reflecta-Sport Adustable Reflective Pet Dog Raincoat w/ Removable Hood 

Flexible Air-Mesh Lightweight Pet Dog Shoes

 Knit Wear:

Is your little friend very homely and all he wants to do is laze around in front of the TV and eat his treats? He’s the dog that everyone loves. He doesn’t jump up and bark at your friends, or try to attack your mail man. In fact he has more friends than you can count! So doll him up in a smart knit sweater and some cute shoes for dogs, before he runs off to the dog park.

Vintage Symphony Static Fashion Cable Knitted Pet Dog Sweater

DUGGZ Shearling Fashion Pet Dog Shoes - Set of 4


A little more fur:

Do you think the world needs to realize how sophisticated your little princess is? You know that she deserves all the accessories she owns and she needs to have all eyes on her. Well this is the perfect way for you to pamper her. Buy her a furry, classic dog jacket and soft, velvet dog boots along with it.

Designer Suede Argyle Style Dog Coat w/ Removable Hood

Ruff Suede Ankle Supportive Performance Pet Dog Shoes Sneakers

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