6 Dogs Wearing Dog Shoes For The First Time Remind Us Of Life’s Funny Moments

Posted on 15 October 2015

As a pet owner you are probably no stranger to watching your dog get up to some really amusing antics. Dogs after all have the uncanny ability to turn the mundane into the marvellous. They introduce us to new perspectives and show us the humorous side of even the most boring situations.

Watching a dog prance around in shoes highlights this unique quality. Only an adorable dog could take a moment so ordinary and turn it into something magical.

Shoes for dogs are extremely important. They give dogs the traction they need to navigate slippery surfaces and are exceptionally useful in case your dog has a foot injury. They are also great at protecting your pet’s paws from infections and the onslaught of the elements during extreme weather conditions. 

Here is a round-up of some delightful dogs doing what they do best – being adorable and funny as they wear dog shoes for the very first time and remind us of some rib-tickling moments of life.  

When you have to walk in really high stilletoes after a night at the pub.




When you see a really cute girl coming towards you and you get excited for a moment before you decide to walk on as cool as you please!

dog with shoes



When you don’t really know where you are going but you keep on moving anyway…

dog with shoes



When you are a few drinks down at your best friend’s wedding and the DJ begins to play your jam.

dog with shoes


When you see your crush…. and then realise he is chatting up another girl!

dog shoes


For all of us with two left feet! Cheers!

dancing dog


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