Top 10 Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Posted on 27 October 2015

Halloween is going to the dogs, literally! With the amount of dog apparel available online and in store, an increasing number of people have taken to trick-or-treating with their furry little friends. Although it takes away the macabre horror that one generally associates with Halloween costumes, it gives you the ‘adogable’ edge that will get you a large number of treats and candies.

Dog owners have taken full advantage of the increasing number of Halloween costumes available in stores today; they have left no stone unturned while dressing up their pets, and their creativity knows no bounds!

Here are a few costumes you can take inspiration from, and turn your Halloween into a ‘Howloween’ –

1. Here’s Dog Vader, trying to be all scary. Don’t underestimate his ‘pawwer’!

Dog vader



2. Meet Batdog. This little one here is the real Silent Guardian, a Watchful Protector; he’s the Dark Knight.

Bat Dog



3. Who’s a good boy? Not this Lhasa, surely!




4. I bet you’ve never come across a cuter pirate than this Husky here, who seems completely uninterested in the booty he’s got.




5. A Boxer boxer. Nicely done, very nicely done indeed.




6. One might wonder if minions could get any cuter. Well, they just did! It would be a despicable crime to not love this.

Minion Pug



7. If you are a paw-breaker, beware! The Dog Police is here.

Halloween dog



8. Meet Dogasaurus Rex. Terrorizing humans is his daily job.

Dogasaurus Rex



9. Gandalf Pug. Now that’s what I’m Tolkien about!




10. And finally, yourself! What better way to go trick-or-treating than with a four-legged version of yourself?

halloween costume



Don’t limit your imagination to these 10 costumes. However creative and awesome they might seem, there are plenty of other ideas for dressing up your pets. So don’t be a copycat, or in this case, a copy-dog; and with a huge collection of dog clothes easily available today, you can dress your dog up in the most ingenious ways and have a ‘Pawesome’ Halloween!

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