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Pet Life ® 'All-Terrain' Lightweight Easy Folding Wire-Framed Collapsible Travel Pet Dog Playpen crate

$ 39.99
$ 49.99

Dog playpens create a space where dogs can play safely. They eliminate the need for constant supervision which makes them ideal for busy homes. Portable playpens for dogs are a staple product for outdoor excursions with your pet. From picnics at the park to a barbecue in the yard, dog pens protect your pet and ensure your pet does not escape or run away while allowing you to enjoy yourself with complete peace of mind.

Play yards for dogs also serve another crucial purpose. They are extremely effective training tools for young pups who are not yet housebroken and most puppy parents use dog playpens just as one would use a play pen for a young toddler. Just like dog carriers and pet crates, playpens provide your dog with a space to call its own, however pet crates have a distinct advantage as they offer your pet with a larger space where it can rest and play to its heart’s content.

Explore a variety of lightweight, fold-able and collapsible dog playpens, which are easily transportable and are suited for indoor and outdoor use. They offer sufficient space for your pet to romp around while being easy to set up and simple to store. Dog playpens from Essential Paw sport a range of useful features such as large Velcro pouches to store belongings and above the top mesh netting to prevent your pet from jumping out. Provide your pet with adequate space for exercise and play, while keeping them safe, protected and happy with these dog playpens!


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