Shop our selection of WiFi and Bluetooth enabled smart pet bowls, activity trackers and video monitors right here! track your dog or cats consumption, track their movement and right in the cloud. Want to check on your pet while you're away? No problem, we have WiFi video monitors that allow for 2 way communication! that's right, chat and view your pet, rotate camera angles, play with your pet, now you could do-it-all and right at the power of your own smart phone anywhere in the world. Our video monitors also feature night vision so you could check on your dog or cat in the dark!

PETKIT FRESH METAL Large Machine Washable Smart Digital Feeding Pet Bowl

$ 42.99

PETKIT FRESH Smart Digital Feeding Pet Bowl

$ 34.99

Petkit Go Bluetooth Distance Activity Monitoring And Handle Notification Vibrating Smart Dog Leash With User Controlled Led And Banded Light Sensors (PTG1)

$ 119.99

Petkit Go Tai-Chi Bluetooth Smart Dog Leash Attachment Accessory (LH1)

$ 22.99

PETKIT P2 Smart Activity Monitoring Pet Tracker

$ 69.99

PETKIT Smart Wifi Video Pet and Baby Monitor

From $ 179.99 - $ 199.99

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