• Cool K9 Dog Cooling Jacket
  • Cool K9 Dog Cooling Jacket
  • Cool K9 Dog Cooling Jacket

Cool K9 Dog Cooling Jacket

$ 37.50



The jacket holds the water even when fully soaked, keeping your dog cool and dry. You can charge the jacket over and over. Once winter arrives, a dry jacket becomes an insulating jacket, helping to reduce the harshness of the cold. To make your dog more visible at night, the COOL K-9 is equipped with reflective strips. There is an improved visibility of your dog in all environments due to the yellow and red design. This jacket acts as a year-round safety device. COOL K-9 has been applauded by dog-lovers, hikers, hunters, bikers, walkers and runners.

Place the jacket in a basin of water to submerge it or add water directly to the bag containing the jacket. Soak it for 30 minutes or until it’s completely saturated. No harsh abrasives, wash by hand. When not in use, hang to dry. You must not freeze it! • Sizes available: Small, medium, large • Dimensions for small size: 5 - 30 lbs, fits 15" - 22" Chest Size • Dimensions for medium size: 30 - 60 lbs, fits 22" - 31" Chest Size • Dimensions for large size: 60 - 100+ lbs, fits 29" - 39" Chest Size • Similar to our body’s own manner of cooling through perspiration, the evaporative process allows heat to physically transfer from the dog to the jacket with the help of water absorbing, polymer crystals, sewn into supplex fabric. • Keeps your dog cool and protected from heat exhaustion. • The jacket will absorb water quickly, but releases it slowly. • The crystals absorb enough to keep the evaporative process going for up to several days when the jacket is submerged in water for just a few minutes.

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