• PupLight Dog Safety Light
  • PupLight Dog Safety Light
  • PupLight Dog Safety Light
  • PupLight Dog Safety Light
  • PupLight Dog Safety Light

PupLight Dog Safety Light

$ 18.50



PupLight makes it visibly easier to see your dog from upto 1 mile away in the distance! Unlike other lights on the market there is no blockage of light from behind since the light illumination creates a very visible halo effect and can be viewed from just about any and all angles!

With PupLight you can see your dog both off and on the leash while your dog is running around and as the dog owner you can keep track of any cautios and hazardous objects both incomming and while in motion. Protect your pet from unseen dead carcasses from other dead and poisonous animals, holes in the ground, and slippery icey sidewalks. Always protect your dog while on-the-go! In addition this light also features a built-in hair guard that keeps your pets hair away from the enemating light and further protecting your pets eyes! Included is band that is adjustble and can easily be placed on and off the dog. Simple to use and operate! Furthermore the actual collar itself isn't attached to the leash therefore the light is always pointing forward in front! • This unique LED Powered PupLight features 3 powerful LED lights that enables you to see 1 mile ahead! • Features a rim at the top coveringthe hair and prevents glaring into the dogs eyes! The light in addition is adjustable! • The Puplight uses AAA batteries and since the lighting is LED it drains MUCH less battery • Assists with older dogs and any dogs that have cataracts

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